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What our clients are saying about AMB:

"AMB has taken the   burden of billing off my   shoulders!"

-Dr. E. Stafford

"No more paper clutter   to worry about...AMB   does everything! "

-Dr. R. Smith

"We let AMB handle our   filing and collections."

-Dr. T. Michaels

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American Medical Billing Welcomes You.

American Medical Billing provides complete medical billing services to health care providers. AMB is located in Roselle, Illinois and has been leading the medical billing industry since its incorporation in 1994.

American Medical Billing is proud to serve health care professionals.

American Medical Billing's Goals:
Increase Staff Productivity
Decrease Overhead
Eliminate Office Paperwork
Decrease Billing Expenses
Provide A Fast Turnaround
Improve Cash Flow
Need Help With Accounts Receivable?

AMB can get you caught up with complete accounts receivable management services.

Put more focus on your patients by having us free your office staff from the time consuming accounts receivable process.

Taking care of your medical billing and collection needs is our specialty.

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Call today at 630-924-0156. Our friendly staff will discuss how American Medical Billing can provide you with the most thorough and efficient billing and collection services.

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Why Choose AMB for
your medical billing?
Expert Billing
Professional Staff
Quick Turnaround
Low Cost
AMB works with   numerous health care   providers & attributes   its success to its   experienced staff along   with state-of-the-art   billing systems.

Understanding your   needs and our quick   response time are the   keys to obtaining the   results you demand.

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American Medical Billing is located in Roselle, Illinois (Chicago land area) and provides complete medical billing services to health care providers. American Medical Billing eliminates your medical billing and collection concerns by reducing billing errors with our Quality Assurance Department and by reducing turnaround time for the collection of your money. We partner with our clients to provide a mutually rewarding billing and collections relationship. By outsourcing your medical billing and collections to us, you pay no up front or hidden costs.

At American Medical Billing, we don't get paid until you get paid!

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