AMB works with many   different health care   professions:

  Ambulance Services
  Family Practice
  General Practice
  General Surgery
  Internal Medicine
  Neo-Natal Care


American Medical Billing (AMB) Can Provide:

Increased cash flow with faster claims payment
Notification of any rejected electronic claims within 48 hours
Timely reimbursement and follow up for All Commercial Insurance, Medicare, Public Aid,    Worker's Compensation, Personal Injury, and Motor Vehicle Accident claims
Rapid and accurate billing and collection services that maximize your reimbursement
Fee Schedule recommendations

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AMB Services Include, But Are Not Limited To:

Electronic claims transmissions
Claims Editing Management
Paper claims submissions, primary, secondary, tertiary
Commercial Medicare, Public Aid, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury, Worker’s    Compensation
Customized Reports
Patient billing of deductibles and co-pays
All insurance and patient inquiries come to us
Insurance appeals/complaints
Review & Appeal underpaid or denied claims
Soft Collections
Outside Collection Agency specializing in medical receivables
Monthly, and Yearly Reports
Practice Analysis Reports

AMB’s number one goal is to provide outstanding service at a low cost. We work on a contingency fee and customize a fee schedule for your needs. Some of the features and services we offer include:

Full service    accounts receivable    management.
Free patient record setup.
No setup fees.
Electronic and manual medical claims    filing.
Patient billing.
Claims posting and patient record    updating.
Pre-collect services.
Assistance in negotiating healthcare    contracts.
Credentialing services

Revenue Recovery Services:

The reimbursement services offered by American Medical Billing will bring your practice to a more efficient level of operation. We Recover Revenue from:

Commercial Insurance Companies
Patient Collection
Review for External Collection Agency
Workman's Compensation
Attorney Representation
Attorney Liens
Insurance Appeals

AMB works with many different health care professions:


Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Plastic Surgery
Surgical Facilities (UB92)



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American Medical Billing is located in Roselle, Illinois (Chicago land area) and provides complete medical billing services to health care providers. American Medical Billing eliminates your medical billing and collection concerns by reducing billing errors with our Quality Assurance Department and by reducing turnaround time for the collection of your money. We partner with our clients to provide a mutually rewarding billing and collections relationship. By outsourcing your medical billing and collections to us, you pay no up front or hidden costs.

At American Medical Billing, we don't get paid until you get paid!

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