AMB helps reduce your costs in office expenses!

HCFA forms, UB-92 forms, software updates, postage, phone calls, etc...

Start saving today!


American Medical Billing allows Your Staff to do what they do best...


At American Medical Billing, all of our clients are treated as if they are our only client. Your practice is our number one priority. We stay in constant contact with you so you know what is happening with your accounts receivable. AMB provides you with the best possible medical billing solutions!

      Advantages Of Outsourcing Your  Medical & Collections Process to AMB

Increased Staff Productivity through less    paperwork and following up on unpaid claims.
Access to your data "online"
Registered Medical Coder on staff
Certified Coder by the American Health    Information Management Association (AHIMA)    on staff.
Increased Cash Flow with Decreased    Turnaround Time. Your cash flow could be    increased 10% - 25%!
Electronic Claims Edits - Resulting in Fewer    Rejected Claims.
Payments received for electronic claims    submission in 14 to 21 days rather than 45 to
   90 days by paper.
Initial Rejection Rate Decreased to 2-3%    instead of an average of nearly 20% or more.
Faster Claim Status for electronically filed claims    received in 24 hours instead of 30, 45, or 60    days. Blue Cross & Blue Shield claims
   adjudicated in 24 hours with payment
   received in 14 days or less.

American Medical Billing's Confidentiality & HIPAA Compliance

Confidentially is taken very seriously at American Medical Billing. All employees are subject to the strictest confidentiality requirements with regard to your practice and the privacy of your patients. Extensive safeguards protect all documentation and computer data. We have a thorough HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance program in place for the protection of all of our data.

Concerned About:

Slow Collections
Insurance Discounts
Accurate Coding
Excessive U&C Amounts
Follow-up on All Claims
Medicare Guidelines
Settlement Negotiations
Timely Electronic Billing
Verifying Insurance    Benefits

American Medical Billing can show you how to
minimize or eliminate these concerns altogether!

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American Medical Billing is located in Roselle, Illinois (Chicago land area) and provides complete medical billing services to health care providers. American Medical Billing eliminates your medical billing and collection concerns by reducing billing errors with our Quality Assurance Department and by reducing turnaround time for the collection of your money. We partner with our clients to provide a mutually rewarding billing and collections relationship. By outsourcing your medical billing and collections to us, you pay no up front or hidden costs.

At American Medical Billing, we don't get paid until you get paid!

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