American Medical Billing works diligently to maintain a close and professional relationship with all of our clients. Please read what some of our clients are saying about AMB.

"AMB has a seasoned   team of professionals.   Their proven medical   billing solutions provide   a high level of efficiency   for my practice."

-Dr. W. C. Miller

"Significant productivity   improvements are due   in large part to AMB’s   efforts.”

-Dr. Simon

"I was having trouble   collecting overdue   accounts & AMB was   quick to help.  My A/R   was significantly   reduced. "

-Morty Levinson

"AMB does a great job   with our medical billing.   I enjoy their friendly   and helpful staff."

-Dr. C. Easton

At American Medical Billing, we do our very best to make our clients and their patients happy. Here are some recent comments.

A patient of one of our clients writes:

"Compliments to you on having a billing format program that is simple to read and all items, dates, and amounts match perfectly with my billing statement. This is the way every bill should be! Thanks!"

S. Schweikhardt

AMB is Flexible For Your Practice
Enhance Your Productivity
Keep Your Patients Happy

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AMB Strives To Build Long Lasting Business Relationships!

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An Owner of a large Physical Therapy Group says:

"We began working with American Medical Billing (AMB) in 1998. Thank you for being an integral part of our operations. We are certain our relationship contributed to the success of our business and satisfaction of our patients. Whenever we've needed special reports, access to your system or shifting one of our locations based on need, American Medical Billing proves to be flexible enough to accommodate us and concerned enough to keep the operations productive and running smoothly. Your staff combined with mine work so well that we make an unbeatable team.

A. Andrikos
Total Rehab, P.C.

President of Ideal Anesthesia Services, P.C. writes:

"Since we hired American Medical Billing (AMB), our cash flow improved considerably. The staff at AMB assists us with precise and accurate coding thereby maximizing reimbursement of both our anesthesia and supply charges. In addition, AMB submits appeals to some insurance companies challenging their "U&C" rates. We are experiencing additional revenue as a result of their efforts. Their expertise and professionalism are assets to our practice."

Kenneth J. Strickland CRNA MSN
President- Ideal Anesthesia Services, P.C.

A Clinical Psychologist Writes:

"I appreciate the help I get from your staff. Everyone I speak with at your office is polite, kind, and very very patient. My clients also have reported positive interactions with your staff.

Thanks again."

Julia M. Rahn, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist/Owner
Studio For Change

A Professional Counselor Comments on AMB:

"As a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in private practice, it might appear that my needs are much more modest than those of a physician. However, there are times when the verification process is even more complex than that of a straightforward medical visit as it often requires more than one call to the managed care company that handles the mental health benefits. The reason that I love American Medical Billing (AMB) so much is that you have been willing to work with me tailoring a package that meets my particular needs which includes verification of benefits, billing and collections. These tasks are not my forte nor do I want to hire someone in my office to perform those functions, so AMB has proven to be a great alternative. Their helpful and professional staff keeps my business on track so I don't have to worry about that basic but essential part of my practice at all."

Victoria Lachmann, LCPC, CADC

"We've been using AMB   for several years, and   my practice wouldn't   be what it is today   without them."

-Dr. Gutierez

"The decision to work   with AMB was one of   the most beneficial   changes our group      did. "

-S. Goldish

"I am still a happy AMB   customer for over 10   years. Thanks! "

-Dr. Mitch Samuel

"AMB's turnaround   time and follow-up is   great for my cash flow"


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American Medical Billing is located in Roselle, Illinois (Chicago land area) and provides complete medical billing services to health care providers. American Medical Billing eliminates your medical billing and collection concerns by reducing billing errors with our Quality Assurance Department and by reducing turnaround time for the collection of your money. We partner with our clients to provide a mutually rewarding billing and collections relationship. By outsourcing your medical billing and collections to us, you pay no up front or hidden costs.

At American Medical Billing, we don't get paid until you get paid!

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